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Contingency Assignments

Contingency Assignments

The benefit of this service to our clients is that there is no cost to the client unless we successfully place a candidate with you. A fee is then charged and calculated as a percentage of the candidate’s first year’s salary package. This is a quick, reliable, cost effective and highly recommended as a recruitment solution where the client only pays for successful appointments.

A primary route for such assignments is a database search. Our database contains Sales and Marketing professionals at all levels, either actively seeking a new challenge, or those that are not actively searching but are registered waiting for the ideal opportunity to appear.

We utilise state of the art technology, the most up to date recruitment databases, invest in advertising and are building a strong network to ensure that we are constantly receiving a steady flow of new candidates some of which have not yet entered the job market.

Technology is only part of the solution. The real added value is generated by our highly experienced consultants and their expertise. All candidates are subject to our rigorous screening program to ensure their skills; experience and personality are a good fit for the specific needs of our highly regarded clients.

Clients should note that we do not recommend marketing vacancies with several agencies which tends to produce unsuitable candidates, duplication of CVs, introduction disputes and a negative perception with candidates. Manesis confidently promotes a contingency recruitment solution that offers clients and candidates a high level of service. For further information on how Contingency Recruitment can help you, please email us.

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