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Retained Assignments

Retained Assignments

Usually retained assignments are undertaken for senior, sensitive or very specialist assignments. Typically the ideal candidate will possess specialist skills that are difficult to find or require finding candidates not actively on the open market.

In this instance Manesis become the sole agent on the assignment and fully manage the entire recruitment process. Obtaining a detailed brief from the client is absolutely essential to achieve success and to determine which method should be used to attract the most interesting candidates. This may include either search and selection or an advertising campaign. Due to the additional work required by the consultant on the assignment, it is usual for the client to pay a third of the fee on acceptance, a third on the presentation of a short list and the final third on the completion of the assignment.

Our Retained Search Methodology

Assignment Acceptance: Before initiating any recruitment strategy, we work with you to establish your precise needs, discuss all relevant criteria and together decide on the most suitable option. We then work closely with you to achieve the agreed objective. This initially involves a detailed briefing with one of our consultants. The consultant will then draw up a specification and identify the most appropriate methods of attracting and qualifying the most interesting candidates. This can include Executive Search and Advertised Selection.

Research: Using multiple techniques our Consultants will actively pursue candidates not yet registered with us by targeting companies and industries who may have been agreed with our client as representing a potential fit for the assignment. In addition to the traditional methods of candidate sourcing, many of the candidates we place are either recommended to us by their colleagues or customers.

Candidate Contact: Contact is established discreetly, professionally and with demonstrated results. Our consultants have a good record of developing contact and rapport with identified candidates and actively network their specialist fields.

Evaluation of Candidate: We conduct structured in depth competency based interviews of each potential candidate designed to ensure a perfect fit between the candidate and client. We can also provide assistance with further selection procedures including Psychometric profiling.